… The County Is Repairing Our Sidewalks!

March 2019 UPDATE: The County has informed us that we are on the schedule with an outside vendor to begin work on May 27.  The repairs should take approximately 4 weeks.

At a recent Board meeting, there was discussion about numerous sidewalks in our community posing a tripping hazard. Though residents are normally responsible for reporting these issues to the County, some members of the Board went through the community recording areas that are uneven and had our manager submit the list. You may have noticed that several areas of the sidewalks have already been marked with an “X” or arrow in white spray paint or orange cones where we anticipate the County to be repairing the sidewalks.

If you have a home with a sidewalk and see that you have an uneven section that has not been marked for repair, you can contact the County through their website (https://www.mymanatee.org/departments/public_works/report_an_issue), or as a convenience to our residents, you may send an email with your address to sidewalks@cbecai.com by December 15, 2018 and we will send in a list.

Much appreciation to our County for paying attention to these issues and reacting so quickly.

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