Recent Crime Activity Update – 7/24/19

We wanted to give you an update on the recent vehicle burglary event we previously posted on our website. The sheriff’s department has informed us that two juveniles have been arrested in connection with this crime. Thanks to the participation of our vigilant neighbors, we were able to pin down the time frame of the events and utilize the CBE security camera system to track the movement of two individuals across our community and obtain images and videos which will be instrumental in the case against the alleged perpetrators. We also want to reiterate the message we often hear from law enforcement that it is vitally important that we lock our car doors at night as this crime and others like it are often crimes of opportunity. We offer many thanks to the Sheriff’s detectives who worked on this case over the last few weeks, and also thank the staff in the CBE office who worked with detectives scouring hours of security footage to help identify these individuals.

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