Manager’s Corner – May 2020

The stress and heartache of caronavirus: Wow, what a strange time we are living through!  I’m sure you all agree that we have never experienced times like this in our lifetime and will likely see a complete change in our lifestyle moving forward.  It grieves me greatly that I have had to work remotely for the past several months while our country tries to fight this coronavirus.  I love this community so much that managing from my home in Bradenton has been heartbreaking.  Speaking on behalf of the management team and your Board of Directors, we are all anxious to re-open the facilities as soon as we feel it is safe to do so and I personally look forward to being back in the office so I can interact with my owners and residents in-person.  It is important to remain patient as we try to map a strategy for reopening and we hope that all residents take proper care to adhere to whatever new guidelines we may need to put in place when we do reopen.  Just like the rest of the country, we will not likely see a “return to normal” anytime soon and will need to be diligent with our safety measures.

Congratulations to Our 2020 Graduates:  It is great to see how residents have come together to celebrate birthdays and graduations with parades and signs throughout the neighborhood.  What a great show of community spirit!  I would like to add my own personal congratulations to those graduates of high school and college in our community.  Way to go!

Virtual Board Meeting May 27: We have not held a regular Board of Directors meeting since February (March was the cancelled annual meeting and April was postponed due to coronavirus).  The May meeting will be held using the Zoom application and homeowners are invited to attend virtually by installing the Zoom app on their computer or smart phone and then going to the Covered Bridge Estates web portal (you need to have signed up for your web portal account and password) on May 27 at 7:00pm to enter the meeting from the portal tab “Account Information.”  For more on this please check out this post.

Update on CINC Accounting and Online Homeowner Access: I am quite pleased to report that we have completed our first four months of being on the CINC management system and have had relatively few issues.  Our accounting and violations are totally switched over to this new system and we are seeing more electronic modification requests being entered through the portal – which makes the process of reviewing and approving the requests much more streamlined.  To help make requests easier to complete in this time of limited access to the Clubhouse, we have digitized the Sherwin-Williams paint books and made them available online.  This allows you to choose your home color schemes without needing to come into the office to get the books.


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