Manager’s Corner for October 2019

We Continue to Make Improvements to Your Facilities: The Board of Directors recently approved the replacement of the windows at the Clubhouse after learning that many of the windows have cracked frames and are a danger of falling out.  The new windows will not be available for installation until late January or early February but these hurricane-rated windows should improve our energy efficiency and reduce our insurance rates.  Also, we recently replaced the two electric water heaters in the Clubhouse with a tankless system, after noticing one of the existing heaters started to leak.

The Board of Directors also approved upgrading the lights on the tennis courts to be replaced with energy-efficient LED lights – similar to the new lights on the basketball court.  This will improve the overall visibility for nighttime play.  Also, the fencing around the tennis courts will be re-stretched and reinforced to improve the stability of the fence.

Our pool area is due for routine paver maintenance as well as a replacement of the coping (the rim of the pool area) with non-slip travertine material.  This work is scheduled for the first two weeks in February.

Report Speeders and Off-road Vehicle Use:  We receive numerous reports of vehicles speeding through the neighborhood and/or not stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalks.  We have also received requests to install speed bumps in the community to help slow vehicles down.  Please understand that our roads are owned by the county and we are not allowed to install speed bumps on county roads. We have also heard from residents that there are children riding dirt bikes and four wheelers on the sidewalks and easements. While we will continue to take these complaints and report them to the sheriff, it is also effective to report these incidents directly to the sheriff’s office – thereby demonstrating to them that it is many parties affected by such activity.

Accounting Software Update: We continue to make progress on our conversion to the new CINC accounting system.  When this new system goes live in January 2020, all owners will have direct access to their accounts via a web browser.  We will also be using a new bank for collecting fees and assessments.  Effective with the 2020 assessment collection in January, we will be using American Momentum Bank.  Watch your mail for new payment books from American Momentum Bank.

November Events: I hope to see you at one of the upcoming events this next month.  Don’t forget about the community yard sale which will be on November 2.  If you would like to advertise what you are selling, send email to and be added to the yard sale map.

Karalee Hammes will be at the Clubhouse on November 8 to offer a one night Painting Class for the community. Click for more info. If you are interested in attending this class, please contact Karalee at by November 5.

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