Manager’s Corner by Pat Naldrett-Bilodou – August 2019

With three months behind me now, I’m starting the third phase of a professional manager’s transition: The first two are just learning the way things have been done and following through with ideas to share with the Board to make changes that are cost effective and more efficient. This third phase works hand in hand with the budget process and work has begun in many areas to make your communication with the office easier.

New Phone Line: We have added a second line for the office to allow for two people to talk to different owners at the same time and should a third owner call in, they will roll over to voice mail. Our goal is to be more accessible to you.

New First Aid Kit:  We now have a much larger kit supplied with more items for any minor emergencies that might occur.  This is hanging in the hallway by the restrooms at the Clubhouse.

Accounting Software Update: The most exciting thing for me is moving to a real time banking system and HOA software program that allows you and the board to log into your own accounts. This is a new software program called CINC which in essence does exactly that. Your quarterly payments were taking anywhere from 13 to 15 days, after they cleared your bank before we received the payments by logging into CenterState to retrieve the payments. This caused late fees and interest fees that were not truly justified. With CINC we will be operating in real time with daily downloads the day they are received at American Momentum Bank, working in tangent with each other and allowing us to operate in real time. This stage of operating with software designed for HOA’s is far more sophisticated and cost effective.

New Basketball Court Lighting: On or about September 12th we should have new lighting for the basketball court with new light poles and a switch to separate the tennis court lights separate from the basketball lights.

School Bus Loading Zone: Due to the continuous occurrence of vehicles parking in the bus loading zone we have now painted the words: School Bus Loading Zone Only where your children wait for their school buses. Please do not park in this area at any time.

Violations and Inspections: While we have issued 28 violations and done 21 inspections, we have tried a softer approach of sending a courtesy letter giving mild offenders an opportunity to correct their issue prior to being violated or fined. This has been quite positively received by owners.

Mud in Storage Area: I have ordered three loads of stabilizer material for the storage area in an attempt to eliminate the muddy situation some owners with commercial company vans are experiencing. We hope this will alleviate the muddy situation in that lot.

New Ladies Group: I am very excited to learn that we have a volunteer to start the Ladies Coffee again. Watch for an announcement regarding dates and times.

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