Take the Community Long-range Planning Survey

In February a committee was formed to discuss potential improvements to amenities here at Covered Bridge Estates.  The Long-range Planning Committee brought forth  several possible projects, some relatively inexpensive to implement and some which could be quite costly.  The following list of possible improvements are broken into three categories: Sports-related, Beautification projects, and Large-scale Amenities.  The following survey allows you to pick your top three in each category.  You do not need to pick three of each; if you only care about one then only select one item, if you don’t want any of the items in a category then don’t pick any.  You are allowed one vote per IP address.

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Covered Bridge Estates Long Range Planning Survey

Please Provide your Name*
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Provide up to three choices for Sports Type Amenities
Please select up to three Large-Scale Amenities
Please select up to three Beautification Projects
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