Long-Range Planning Committee Being Formed

Would you like to be involved in planning future capital improvement projects at Covered Bridge Estates?

The Board of Directors  would like to form a planning committee to work with a Board liaison in developing a long-range plan for projects that would improve our community.  This committee would meet and propose projects, discuss project priorities, and develop a plan for various improvements that could be implemented over a one-to-five year period. The goal is to deliver a list of projects that would result in additional facilities and/or amenities that would increase the overall appeal of Covered Bridge Estates.

Some examples that have already been proposed are building a pavilion that could be used for social events and rented out for private parties, a nature trail around the property for walkers to enjoy our natural surroundings, further improvements in the community pool area, an expanded workout room, and additional guest parking.

If you are interested in participating on this committee, please send email to longrangeplanning@cbecai.com with your contact information and preferred nights during the week when you could make the meetings.


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