Holiday Lighting 2018 Winners Announced

A big congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Covered Bridge Lighting Contest announced at the Holiday Party in the Clubhouse. The judges had many exceptional homes from which to choose and the final results were very close.

The first place winner was Cheryl Sciolino at 6341 French Creek Court who won the $100 cash prize.  Cheryl will also have her name and address added to the plaque that will hang on the Clubhouse wall until a new winner is announced next year.

Second place in the contest was Michelle Labadie at 6635 Rock Bridge Lane who earned the second place prize of $50.00.

Third place winner was Nick Formica at 3918 Day Bridge Place who takes the $25.00 cash prize.

Honorary mention goes to William Kennedy at 6007 French Creek Court and Jacqui and Zakary Gibson at 4853 Trout River Crossing.

See all the entries here and visit all the homes in the neighborhood this season.

Here are the 2018 Participant Addresses:
The following addresses represent those residents who are registered for the contest.

Address Photo
3831 Day Bridge Place
3918 Day Bridge Place
5904 French Creek Court
6002 French Creek Court
6007 French Creek Court
6117 French Creek Court
6341 French Creek Court
6349 French Creek Court
4151 Little Gap Loop
4183 Little Gap Loop
5807 New Paris Way
6531 Rock Bridge Lane
6635 Rock Bridge Lane
6206 Rock Creek Circle
6234 Rock Creek Circle
6290 Rock Creek Circle
4309 Trout River Crossing
4626 Trout River Crossing
4853 Trout River Crossing
5911 Willows Bridge Loop

(Hover over the pins to see the address. Zoom in on the map to see house location more precisely.)


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