Help Us Keep Our Facilities Clean

To our residents, tenants, and guests:

This morning the Covered Bridge staff arrived at the clubhouse to discover a mess left by pool guests which (disturbingly) included two dirty diapers left out on the patio. Why these pool guests believed it was fine to leave human waste like this for us to clean up is beyond our understanding. We want to be explicitly clear that this behavior is unacceptable in our community and will not be tolerated. Facility privileges have been rescinded for this resident and the property owner has been contacted to discuss the lack of respect these tenants have shown to our community.

As homeowners in this beautiful community and as co-owners of the amenities it is incumbent upon us all to help maintain a happy and healthy quality of life in our shared environment. While most of us do a wonderful job co-existing, we do sometimes encounter these one-off issues. The Board and the facility staff want to reaffirm to our membership that we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in the clubhouse and other areas. If you see any type of behavior that does not adhere to the rules and regulations put in place to ensure a decent and hygienic standard of living in this community please alert the facility monitors, the Property Manager, or any member of the Board. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Many thanks to our neighbors who continue to make Covered Bridge a wonderful place to live!


Management, staff, and Board of Covered Bridge Estates, CAI

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