Help Stop Easement Trespassing

The Covered Bridge Estates office has been receiving an inordinate number of calls from homeowners who are being disturbed by motorcycle, dirt bike, and ATV activity happening in the easements and power line areas behind our homes. This activity is not only discourteous in our shared environment, but it is also prohibited. To be explicitly clear, no person is allowed to drive any type of vehicle onto any of the HOA property. Board Members, Management and Covered Bridge Estates staff have, on occasion, spoken with individuals seen pursuing this activity on our property. We have also been calling the Sheriff’s non-emergency line to report it. As this situation nevertheless continues, going forward, we will begin treating these incursions as trespassing and will be requesting that the Sheriff’s office handle these situations under that guidance. This might include the physical removal of the offender from the premises and subsequent related court proceedings.

If you see vehicle activity inside any Covered Bridge Estates easement, please call and report it to the Manatee Sheriff’s non-emergency line (941-747-3011) and send a follow-up e-mail to so that we can make ourselves available to the Sheriff to represent any trespass violation. Include the cross street/area where the incident took place in your email.

Thank you for helping us make Covered Bridge Estates a better place to live.

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