Covered Bridge Long-Range Planning Survey

The Board of Directors asked that a committee to be formed to help determine possible long-range projects at Covered Bridge Estates.  The Long-Range Planning Committee has developed the following survey to ask for your input on possible projects that could be brought before the Board of Directors for future consideration.  These project candidates were developed from suggestions received from residents over the years as well as suggestions based on amenities available in other communities.  Three categories of amenities were developed: Sports Type Amenities, Large-Scale Amenities, and Beautification Projects.

Please take a moment to give us your opinion for up to three choices in each category.  If you have no preference in a category, simply leave that category empty.  Only one survey submission is allowed per IP address and street addresses will be validated to ensure accurate survey submissions.

Covered Bridge Estates Long Range Planning Survey

Please Provide your Name*
Please Provide your Covered Bridge Street Address*
Provide up to three choices for Sports Type Amenities
Please select up to three Large-Scale Amenities
Please select up to three Beautification Projects
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