Help Us Keep Our Facilities Clean

To our residents, tenants, and guests:

This morning the Covered Bridge staff arrived at the clubhouse to discover a mess left by pool guests which (disturbingly) included two dirty diapers left out on the patio. Why these pool guests believed it was fine to leave human waste like this for us to clean up is beyond our understanding. We want to be explicitly clear that this behavior is unacceptable in our community and will not be tolerated. Facility privileges have been rescinded for this resident and the property owner has been contacted to discuss the lack of respect these tenants have shown to our community.

As homeowners in this beautiful community and as co-owners of the amenities it is incumbent upon us all to help maintain a happy and healthy quality of life in our shared environment. While most of us do a wonderful job co-existing, we do sometimes encounter these one-off issues. The Board and the facility staff want to reaffirm to our membership that we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in the clubhouse and other areas. If you see any type of behavior that does not adhere to the rules and regulations put in place to ensure a decent and hygienic standard of living in this community please alert the facility monitors, the Property Manager, or any member of the Board. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Many thanks to our neighbors who continue to make Covered Bridge a wonderful place to live!


Management, staff, and Board of Covered Bridge Estates, CAI

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Sherwin-Williams Paint Books Now Online

For homeowners who want to paint their house and cannot look at the paint books in the office, we have now made these available on the website.  You can now view all color combinations here so that when you prepare your Modification Request for repainting your home, you will be able to supply the page number and color codes.

As a reminder, you must choose color combinations approved and shown in one of these two color books but you are not required to purchase your paint from Sherwin-Williams.  You should be able to take the Sherwin-Williams color codes to your local Home Depot or Lowes (for example) and they will color match for you.



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Help Stop Easement Trespassing

The Covered Bridge Estates office has been receiving an inordinate number of calls from homeowners who are being disturbed by motorcycle, dirt bike, and ATV activity happening in the easements and power line areas behind our homes. This activity is not only discourteous in our shared environment, but it is also prohibited. To be explicitly clear, no person is allowed to drive any type of vehicle onto any of the HOA property. Board Members, Management and Covered Bridge Estates staff have, on occasion, spoken with individuals seen pursuing this activity on our property. We have also been calling the Sheriff’s non-emergency line to report it. As this situation nevertheless continues, going forward, we will begin treating these incursions as trespassing and will be requesting that the Sheriff’s office handle these situations under that guidance. This might include the physical removal of the offender from the premises and subsequent related court proceedings.

If you see vehicle activity inside any Covered Bridge Estates easement, please call and report it to the Manatee Sheriff’s non-emergency line (941-747-3011) and send a follow-up e-mail to so that we can make ourselves available to the Sheriff to represent any trespass violation. Include the cross street/area where the incident took place in your email.

Thank you for helping us make Covered Bridge Estates a better place to live.

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Recycling Do’s and Don’ts from Manatee County

The county asked that we share these guidelines for recycling:

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“Concert In The Park” 2020

In case you missed it, the Concert in the Park this year was bigger and better than ever.  The South Trail Band was amazing and played hits from the 60s through 80s.  Marty Marauder paid a visit.  Southeastern Guide Dogs brought several of their precious “pupil puppies.”  There were ten classic cars on display.  There was free popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, balloon art and kids games.  Frontier Communications brought a signed souvenir Buccaneers helmet and ball as door prizes and there were multiple gift cards given as door prizes, including one donated by Detwiler’s.




Thank you to our sponsors:
American Momentum Bank
BrightView Landscaping,
Detweillers Farm Market
Frontier Communications
Gilmore Tractor Service
Powell, Carney, Maller, P.A.

Thank you to our volunteers:
Rodney Andrews
Gloria Calcao
Suse Federowitz
Kathe Giumpa
Liz Goeller
Jimmy Goodrow
Don Hedman
Janice Hedman
Janet Hood
Richard Hood
Charlie Lane
Pat Naldrett-Bilodeau
Marge Merlan
Jennifer Raffo
Jack Rameriz

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Monthly Men’s Breakfast at Popis Wednesday

Men at Covered Bridge Estates, join us at Popis Restaurant on US 301 in Ellenton the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30am.  We gather and discuss local news, car repair, or whatever topic seems to be of interest that day.  All are welcome to come.  Bring a friend or neighbor.

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Winners of 2019 Holiday Lighting Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Covered Bridge Estates 2019 Holiday Lighting Contest.  William Kennedy at 6007 French Creek Court won first place and $100.00, Kaitlyn McDowell at 6109 Laurel Creek Trail won second place and $75.00, and Tina Elizabeth Figueroa at 4309 Trout River Crossing won third place and $50.00.  Congratulations to all who entered (and all who judged).

First Place – 6007 French Creek Ct

Second Place – 6109 Laurel Creek Trail

4309 Trout River Crossing

Third Place – 4309 Trout River Crossing


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From Manatee County Sheriff’s – Camera Registry

The Sheriff’s Office has asked that we share this info for those who would like to register their security camera(s). Here is the website.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Camera Registry

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with to provide a forum where businesses and residents can voluntarily register their camera systems. In the event of a nearby crime, officers would then let the camera owner know that there is an opportunity to help solve the crime. The program is completely free and there is no obligation to provide the video footage requested.

NOTE: The Sheriff’s Office can’t view your cameras without your permission or remotely. This is simply for them to know who has cameras in an area. If a crime occurs on your street, they can go to the registry and contact you and ask to view the footage during the time of occurrence.

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…Birds Love Our Trash!

Yes, the birds have discovered our trash days! They love to tear open trash bags and make a smelly mess of litter around the front of your house. Please make sure you put your trash in a barrel with a lid on the morning of trash day to encourage the pesky critters to feast elsewhere.

More trash and recycling info may be found on the Manatee County website at

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Manatee County Rules for Picking Up Yard Waste

How should my yard waste be handled so it can be picked up by the County?  The following excerpt from the Manatee County website should provide you with the needed information to ensure that your tree trimmings and other yard waste are picked up each week.

Yard waste is vegetative matter resulting from yard and landscaping maintenance of your own property. This includes materials such as tree branches, leaves, grass clippings or palm fronds. Please prepare yard waste properly to expedite pickup.

All yard waste is picked up on Wednesdays. (Except for holiday makeup schedule).

Many items are diverted from the landfill. We ask that you separate the materials into groups (household / furniture, yard waste, e-scrap / white goods , and tires) as separate trucks collect different materials.



  • You can use sturdy garbage bags.


  • If you do not wish to use garbage cans or garbage bags, you can put yard waste in bundles no longer than four (4) feet in length.
  • Bundles cannot contain branches larger than six (6) inches in diameter. Any branch larger than six (6) inches in diameter should be cut in half length-wise, tied and bundled.
  • Tie bundles with heavy-duty string.


  • Please put yard waste in a 32-gallon garbage cans. Yard waste should not extend above the top of the can.

Bundles, bags or 32-gallon garbage cans should weigh no more than 50 pounds each.
All properly prepared yard waste is picked up on Wednesday. (Except for holiday make-up schedules)


  • You may also take your yard waste to the landfill for a fee.


  • Each residential address may utilize one (1) collection per year for solid waste at no additional cost. You may use this service for the collection of more than two (2) large items, too much yard waste to bundle, e-scrap and white goods at the curb. Additional special pick-ups are available for an additional service fee.
  • To see if you qualify for a free annual please call customer services at 941-792-8811.
  • One per year (Oct. 1st – Sept. 30th) per residential address.
  • There is a 60 cubic yard limit (L 40′ x W 8′ x H 6′)

There is no limit on the amount of yard waste that can be picked up, as long as it is bundled, bagged or canned and placed out properly. The removal of large amounts of loose yard waste is not part of the residential collection service charge, and is considered an “Extraordinary Service.”  If you choose to have the hauler pick up your loose yard waste, please call customer service at 941-792-8811 to arrange a pickup. This Extraordinary Service will be charged on your next utility bill. Residents may also elect to take the debris to the Lena Road Landfill in their own vehicle.

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