Parking Violations Suspended for the Holidays

The Board has voted to suspend overnight parking violations for the Holidays from December 23, 2020 through January 2, 2021 to accommodate overnight holiday visitors when resident driveways might be at capacity. Our traffic patrols will still be in force to look for other parking issues, but on-street parking should not incur violations during these dates.

The Board asks that residents be respectful of their neighbors and try not to park directly across from other vehicles which may be already parked on the opposite side of the street.  We want to maintain safe through-traffic and access for any emergency vehicles which may be wider than standard vehicles. Please also do not block access to mailboxes and hydrants. Additional overnight parking for personal resident/guest vehicles is always available in the marked stalls of the bus turnaround and at the clubhouse. (Commercial vehicles and trailers are prohibited.) These areas are under video surveillance.


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Manager’s Corner – October 2020

Fall Has Arrived: If you are like me, you are enjoying the cooler temperatures and looking forward to getting outside more to enjoy the new season.  I would like to share some updates from the “Manager’s Corner” regarding happenings in your community.

Pool Area Improvements:  I’m sure by now you have noticed the work undertaken a few months back to push out the fence around the pool and incorporate some plantings in the pool area.  This has been met with enthusiasm by many of my regular pool goers.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop in and check it out, you really should do so – it’s lovely!  There has been discussion about adding more furnishings to the pool area this season so stay tuned for more on this.

Virtual Board Meeting October 28: We have not held a regular Board of Directors meeting since February (March was the cancelled annual meeting and April was postponed due to coronavirus), and will continue to hold our Board of Directors meetings using the Zoom application.  Homeowners are invited to attend virtually by installing the Zoom app on their computer or smart phone and then going to the Covered Bridge Estates web portal on May 27 at 7:00pm to enter the meeting from the portal tab “Account Information.” If you haven’t done so already, you will need to sign up for your web portal account and password. For more on this please check out this post.  This month’s meeting will adopt the 2021 operating budget, so you will want to “tune in” for that.

Improved Homeowner Grounds: I am quite pleased to see a big improvement in homeowners keeping their yards and sidewalks trimmed.  We went through a time during the growing season where some of the properties were looking a bit rough – which reflects poorly on our overall community “curb appeal.”  Keep up the good work!

Help Us to Keep Our Community Safe for Our Walkers:  Please remember that you are responsible for trimming your shrubs, tree branches, and lawns around any of our sidewalks.  The Board of Directors approved a resolution in November 2018 that requires sidewalks be trimmed with an 8′ clearance overhead and plantings should not encroach on the sidewalk (see the details of the resolution here).  I appreciate all of you for doing your part to make it safe to walk our sidewalks.

November 7 Yard Sale: Despite the disruption of COVID-19 in our world, we will still be holding the Community Yard Sale on November 7.  No need to register or sign up to participate.


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Covered Bridge Pond Maintenance Communication

There has been concern recently about fish kills in some of our ponds which was brought to the attention of Pond Professionals, LLC, the company we have under contract to service our ponds. The following communication by their Biologist, George Colbath, explains the situation and will hopefully help our residents understand some of the challenges of balancing the ecology:

The vegetation “killed” was nuisance water lettuce that flushed in from ditches and wetlands with the rain events. This is a noxious weed and had to be eradicated. The few dead fish we picked up and water sample taken reflected an elevated amount of ammonia. This is indicative of the non-native tilapia in that pond being overpopulated. Incidentally, that is the ONLY species of fish picked up on that pond. The rapid decay of the water lettuce after treatment likely caused a temporary dissolved oxygen depletion on the pond as well, that allowed for the weaker fish to die off, exacerbated by their overpopulation. The higher levels of ammonia from too many fish in such a shallow and small acreage promoted rapid growth of the nuisance weeds and algae. I would also like to add that water lettuce has a rapid rate of growth (exponentially over 48-72 hours). It is imperative we address water lettuce as soon as possible due to this rapid growth rate. The dissolved oxygen levels have returned to normal.

While it can be alarming seeing a fish kill event, in the case of Tilapia it is an unfortunate but natural occurrence within storm water ponds on occasion. This is due to the shallow design, minimal water body connectivity and the species rapid reproduction rate and the minimal amount of native game fish available to control the population. This seems to be returning to normal at this time. This winter, as things slow down and the weather cools, I would suggest having us take some water sampling from the ponds that are experiencing abnormal algae growth this year to check the ammonia levels. We can then start scheduling some selective netting to remove the tilapia and allow the water chemistry to balance itself. Aquatic plants are a large aid in this. A good way to follow what we mean is to visualize any koi pond you may have seen before. They are always dirty, very green and turbid because they always have way too many fish. This is due to the elevated ammonia levels. Spore algae and most aquatic plants thrive on this ammonia by product from the fish.

Another solution we recommend that would allow us better access to the stormwater ponds and to improve overall aesthetics is to gain access all the way around each pond by clearing the overgrown easements. Many of them have lost access to large portions of the ponds and allowed brazilian pepper trees to overhang and “seed” the water column with high nutrient berries etc.

I hope this helps shed some light on things. For the homeowner’s peace of mind, all of our staff are licensed with the State of Florida and all products used are industry standard for storm-water use and what is labeled, recommended and applied according to the EPA and Florida Department of Environmental Protection. No pesticides nor aerosol products are used in or around the ponds.

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On-Street Parking Reminder

Please remember that over-night on-street parking is not allowed in Covered Bridge Estates and you may receive a parking violation if you leave your vehicle in the street.  Also, when parking your vehicle during the day and you must park in the street, please park facing the correct driving direction.  It is illegal to park facing oncoming traffic.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Help Us Keep Our Facilities Clean

To our residents, tenants, and guests:

This morning the Covered Bridge staff arrived at the clubhouse to discover a mess left by pool guests which (disturbingly) included two dirty diapers left out on the patio. Why these pool guests believed it was fine to leave human waste like this for us to clean up is beyond our understanding. We want to be explicitly clear that this behavior is unacceptable in our community and will not be tolerated. Facility privileges have been rescinded for this resident and the property owner has been contacted to discuss the lack of respect these tenants have shown to our community.

As homeowners in this beautiful community and as co-owners of the amenities it is incumbent upon us all to help maintain a happy and healthy quality of life in our shared environment. While most of us do a wonderful job co-existing, we do sometimes encounter these one-off issues. The Board and the facility staff want to reaffirm to our membership that we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in the clubhouse and other areas. If you see any type of behavior that does not adhere to the rules and regulations put in place to ensure a decent and hygienic standard of living in this community please alert the facility monitors, the Property Manager, or any member of the Board. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Many thanks to our neighbors who continue to make Covered Bridge a wonderful place to live!


Management, staff, and Board of Covered Bridge Estates, CAI

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New Homeowner Portal Available

As we enter the new year, we are pleased to offer a new internet portal for homeowner access.  This portal allows Covered Bridge Estates homeowners to enter a password-protected website that is only available to owners.  From the portal, you can access Association financial statements and Board minutes, enter modification requests online, access your personal account to review pending violations and assessments due, pay assessments online, and maintain your contact information.  This is an exciting change for our homeowners, giving them up-to-the-minute access to their account.

To create your portal account, click this link and follow the steps below.

At the portal login page,  choose the REGISTER button:

Scroll down on the page and enter the information marked in yellow below.  Be sure to enter your street name and number in separate boxes on the screen and be sure to enter a valid email address.

Press the REGISTER button when you have completed entering the required information and you should receive the following confirmation:

Once your request for access has been reviewed and approved by the Management Office, you will receive an email and a link to set your initial password.

If you DO NOT receive an email from the CINCWEB system within a few days, please contact the Management Office so they can assist you.


Adding an addition property to your existing CINCWEB ID (if you have multiple properties including a storage unit).

1. Log into your CINCWEB using your login credentials
2. Click the “My Profile” menu item
3. Scroll to the bottom of the Profile page and click the “Register An Additional Property” button

4. Enter the account number and property address for the additional property, then click Save

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Sherwin-Williams Paint Books Now Online

For homeowners who want to paint their house and cannot look at the paint books in the office, we have now made these available on the website.  You can now view all color combinations here so that when you prepare your Modification Request for repainting your home, you will be able to supply the page number and color codes.

As a reminder, you must choose color combinations approved and shown in one of these two color books but you are not required to purchase your paint from Sherwin-Williams.  You should be able to take the Sherwin-Williams color codes to your local Home Depot or Lowes (for example) and they will color match for you.



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Help Stop Easement Trespassing

The Covered Bridge Estates office has been receiving an inordinate number of calls from homeowners who are being disturbed by motorcycle, dirt bike, and ATV activity happening in the easements and power line areas behind our homes. This activity is not only discourteous in our shared environment, but it is also prohibited. To be explicitly clear, no person is allowed to drive any type of vehicle onto any of the HOA property. Board Members, Management and Covered Bridge Estates staff have, on occasion, spoken with individuals seen pursuing this activity on our property. We have also been calling the Sheriff’s non-emergency line to report it. As this situation nevertheless continues, going forward, we will begin treating these incursions as trespassing and will be requesting that the Sheriff’s office handle these situations under that guidance. This might include the physical removal of the offender from the premises and subsequent related court proceedings.

If you see vehicle activity inside any Covered Bridge Estates easement, please call and report it to the Manatee Sheriff’s non-emergency line (941-747-3011) and send a follow-up e-mail to so that we can make ourselves available to the Sheriff to represent any trespass violation. Include the cross street/area where the incident took place in your email.

Thank you for helping us make Covered Bridge Estates a better place to live.

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Recycling Do’s and Don’ts from Manatee County

The county asked that we share these guidelines for recycling:

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“Concert In The Park” 2020

In case you missed it, the Concert in the Park this year was bigger and better than ever.  The South Trail Band was amazing and played hits from the 60s through 80s.  Marty Marauder paid a visit.  Southeastern Guide Dogs brought several of their precious “pupil puppies.”  There were ten classic cars on display.  There was free popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, balloon art and kids games.  Frontier Communications brought a signed souvenir Buccaneers helmet and ball as door prizes and there were multiple gift cards given as door prizes, including one donated by Detwiler’s.




Thank you to our sponsors:
American Momentum Bank
BrightView Landscaping,
Detweillers Farm Market
Frontier Communications
Gilmore Tractor Service
Powell, Carney, Maller, P.A.

Thank you to our volunteers:
Rodney Andrews
Gloria Calcao
Suse Federowitz
Kathe Giumpa
Liz Goeller
Jimmy Goodrow
Don Hedman
Janice Hedman
Janet Hood
Richard Hood
Charlie Lane
Pat Naldrett-Bilodeau
Marge Merlan
Jennifer Raffo
Jack Rameriz

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