New Swings Added to the Playground

The highly-anticipated addition of swings to the playground area is now a reality.  The Board of Directors are excited to announce that the playground expansion is now open and available for use.  Adding swings to the playground was one of the most-requested items in last year’s long-range planning survey.

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Winners of the 2021 Holiday Decorating Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Covered Bridge Estates 2021 Holiday Decorating Contest.

Brian Scott at 6224 French Creek Court won first place and $100.00.

6224 French Creek Ct

6224 French Creek Ct

Delvi Ramirez at 6433 Coral Creek Court won second place and $75.00.

6433 Coral Creek Ct

6433 Coral Creek Ct

4183 Little Gap Loop

4183 Little Gap Loop

Rebecca Hennessey at 4183 Little Gap Loop won third place and $50.00.

Congratulations to all who entered and thank you all who judged.

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Holiday Decorating Contest 2021 – Residents are Judges – Cash Prizes!

Welcome to the Covered Bridge Estates 2021 Holiday Decorating Contest. The first place winner will receive $100, second place $75 and third place $25, and you, our residents, are the judges!

Entrants: If you would like to enter the contest, please email us at and attach ONE picture of your decorated home along with your name and address. Give us a few hours to add your home to the gallery below and you will be entered into the contest. (Remember that our HOA documents state that holiday decorative lights may be displayed between Thanksgiving and January 20.)

Resident Judges: Here are the entries we have so far in this year’s contest. Click on the picture to see a larger version of that picture (and use the BACK button to return to the gallery), and vote once for each of your favorite entries with a maximum of three entries. Be careful before you vote because you cannot “un-vote” an entry. Voting begins on December 15 and will remain open through December 31, 2021 at 9:00pm. Winners will be announced in early January.


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Help Prevent Crime In Our Neighborhood

The Sheriff’s Department has reminded all communities to be proactive about keeping
our neighborhoods, homes and cars safe and secure. Part of being diligent is locking our
cars, keeping our driveway lights on from dusk till dawn; watch out for our neighbors and report suspicious activities to the police. If you know that your neighbor will be away for a period of time, help them out by periodically checking their property.    For more helpful tips, please visit the Manatee County Sheriff’s Website.

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Board of Directors Budget Workshop Meeting October 8, 2021

The Board of Directors will be meeting virtually via Zoom at 3:00pm on Friday, October 8, 2021 to begin discussion on the 2022 operating budget.  This is an open meeting for owners to attend.  If you are interested in attending via Zoom please use your Covered Bridge Estates Portal access to find the meeting link.

The agenda for this meeting is posted at the Clubhouse and is also available by clicking this link.

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Covered Bridge Long-Range Planning Survey

The Board of Directors asked that a committee to be formed to help determine possible long-range projects at Covered Bridge Estates.  The Long-Range Planning Committee has developed the following survey to ask for your input on possible projects that could be brought before the Board of Directors for future consideration.  These project candidates were developed from suggestions received from residents over the years as well as suggestions based on amenities available in other communities.  Three categories of amenities were developed: Sports Type Amenities, Large-Scale Amenities, and Beautification Projects.

The voting has ended.  Here are the results:

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Homeowners – Announcing Electronic Voting For Our Annual Meeting

At the December 16, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board approved a Resolution to authorize Electronic Voting in accordance with the requirements of the Florida Statutes. We approved electronic voting to make the process of voting easier, enable us to reach a quorum for votes, facilitate delivery of information to homeowners, and save the Association costs for printing and postage. With this system, you can submit your vote from anywhere at any time on any device that can access the internet.

How Does This Work?  We need a valid email address for each homeowner that wishes to participate in electronic voting.  If we do not have an email address for you, you can use the Covered Bridge Estates web portal and update your personal information to include an email address, or you can contact the office and ask them to add your email address to your property record.  Within the next few weeks, if we have a valid email address for you, you will receive an email containing a link to our new electronic voting site along with your temporary username and password. Emails you receive will be identified by our community name:
Covered Bridge Estates Welcome to myHOAst

When you receive your emailed invitation, follow the instructions to request a temporary username and password. When you log on with the temporary information you will receive via email, you will be able to change them to a username and password of your choice. After having logged on to the system, you’ll have an opportunity to take a survey that will help the Board and management know which owner you have elected to be your Voting Representative. This opportunity will also let you experience the electronic voting process we will be using in the upcoming election.

When you submit a vote electronically, you’ll get an emailed receipt that confirms your vote was received. This process will also allow you to see that submitting your vote electronically is much easier and faster than sending a vote on paper.

Please participate.  Electronic voting allows Covered Bridge Estates the opportunity to establish a quorum at the Annual Meeting, which we have failed to accomplish in the past two years with in-person meetings.

Covered Bridge Estates, CINC and HOAst are committed to protecting your privacy. CINC, Inc., and HOAst, Inc. does not sell, share or rent your personal information to any third party or use your email address for unsolicited mail.

We are quite excited about this new Electronic Voting system and look forward to using it for this coming Annual Meeting in March – thereby eliminating the need for physically meeting but still providing an opportunity for our homeowners to have their votes counted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pat Naldrett-Bilodeau at 941.479.4903 or

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Winners of the 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Covered Bridge Estates 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest

Raychel Scott at 6224 French Creek Court won first place and $100.00.

6224 French Creek Court

Sam Williams and Linda Garcia at 5810 New Paris Way won second place and $75.00.

5810 New Paris Way

Ricky Robinson at 6203 French Creek Court won third place and $50.00. 

6203 French Creek Court

Congratulations to all who entered and thank you all who judged.

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Parking Violations Suspended for the Holidays

The Board has voted to suspend overnight parking violations for the Holidays from December 23, 2020 through January 2, 2021 to accommodate overnight holiday visitors when resident driveways might be at capacity. Our traffic patrols will still be in force to look for other parking issues, but on-street parking should not incur violations during these dates.

The Board asks that residents be respectful of their neighbors and try not to park directly across from other vehicles which may be already parked on the opposite side of the street.  We want to maintain safe through-traffic and access for any emergency vehicles which may be wider than standard vehicles. Please also do not block access to mailboxes and hydrants. Additional overnight parking for personal resident/guest vehicles is always available in the marked stalls of the bus turnaround and at the clubhouse. (Commercial vehicles and trailers are prohibited.) These areas are under video surveillance.


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Manager’s Corner – October 2020

Fall Has Arrived: If you are like me, you are enjoying the cooler temperatures and looking forward to getting outside more to enjoy the new season.  I would like to share some updates from the “Manager’s Corner” regarding happenings in your community.

Pool Area Improvements:  I’m sure by now you have noticed the work undertaken a few months back to push out the fence around the pool and incorporate some plantings in the pool area.  This has been met with enthusiasm by many of my regular pool goers.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop in and check it out, you really should do so – it’s lovely!  There has been discussion about adding more furnishings to the pool area this season so stay tuned for more on this.

Virtual Board Meeting October 28: We have not held a regular Board of Directors meeting since February (March was the cancelled annual meeting and April was postponed due to coronavirus), and will continue to hold our Board of Directors meetings using the Zoom application.  Homeowners are invited to attend virtually by installing the Zoom app on their computer or smart phone and then going to the Covered Bridge Estates web portal on May 27 at 7:00pm to enter the meeting from the portal tab “Account Information.” If you haven’t done so already, you will need to sign up for your web portal account and password. For more on this please check out this post.  This month’s meeting will adopt the 2021 operating budget, so you will want to “tune in” for that.

Improved Homeowner Grounds: I am quite pleased to see a big improvement in homeowners keeping their yards and sidewalks trimmed.  We went through a time during the growing season where some of the properties were looking a bit rough – which reflects poorly on our overall community “curb appeal.”  Keep up the good work!

Help Us to Keep Our Community Safe for Our Walkers:  Please remember that you are responsible for trimming your shrubs, tree branches, and lawns around any of our sidewalks.  The Board of Directors approved a resolution in November 2018 that requires sidewalks be trimmed with an 8′ clearance overhead and plantings should not encroach on the sidewalk (see the details of the resolution here).  I appreciate all of you for doing your part to make it safe to walk our sidewalks.

November 7 Yard Sale: Despite the disruption of COVID-19 in our world, we will still be holding the Community Yard Sale on November 7.  No need to register or sign up to participate.


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