Clubhouse Parking Lot and Courts Resurfacing (UPDATE 1/22/21)

Update 1/22/21: The parking lot repair work has been completed. The court remodeling is in progress and the courts should open again next week.

1/8/21The parking lot at the Clubhouse will be temporarily unavailable starting on Monday, January 11 as we repair and seal the lot.  Please use the parking lot across the street if you need to come to the Clubhouse while work is underway. The lot will be sealed on January 15th and will once again be completely closed on that day.  Restriping of the lot will happen on Saturday the 16th.

The tennis courts and basketball court will be repaired and resurfaced starting on Monday, January 18.  This repair is required due to the water intrusion that has been experienced with runoff causing damage to the tennis court and basketball court.

If you have any questions about these closures, please call the Management  Office.


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