Bus Lot Parking Will Be Closed March 12-22, 2021

The parking lot across from the Clubhouse will be closed from March 12-22 so that it can be re-sealed and re-lined.  This work is required due to sun bleaching of the painted parking lot lines and the need to clearly mark spaces where vehicles should not be parked for school bus loading and unloading.  In order to ensure that the lot is empty and stays clear for the work to be completed, we are asking that all cars be removed from the lot by midnight March 12, 2021 and no parking in this lot be resumed until work has completed and cone barriers have been removed.

Reminder flyers will be placed on the windshields of vehicles in the lot leading up to March 12 but any vehicles left in the lot on the morning of the 12th will be towed at the owner’s expense.  During this time, the Board of Directors has agreed to allow on-street overnight parking.to accommodate this work.

Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pat Naldrett-Bilodeau at 941.479.4903 or manager@cbecai.com.

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