Board Update: Notes on our Community Association Manager Transition

Many of you have stopped in to the clubhouse and have introduced yourselves to our new Manager, Pat Naldrett-Bilodeau. Pat has eased gracefully into her role and both Board and resident feedback has been overwhelmingly good. The Board is confident that our community management is in good and capable hands.

Pat is YOUR community manager, and, as such, we wanted to ensure that residents have access to Pat for all community interaction.  A comment we have heard more than once is that the Community Manager is “only available during business hours.” While Pat can be reached during the work day in the office or by calling 941-479-4903, she is also willing to schedule after-hour time for those residents who desire a face-to-face meeting and cannot make it in until after work.

Pat would also like to let you know that she is a registered Notary Public and is available free of charge to notarize a limited number of items for our residents. Please call ahead and be respectful of her time.

Please feel free to reach out to Pat with any comments or questions, or use our online suggestion form (in the Residents Only section of our website) for any suggestions for the betterment of our community. These suggestions are typically read at the monthly Board meetings if they contain actionable items the Board should consider.

Finally, a note on ‘proper channels’ for the changes you’d like to see in our community. Covered Bridge Estates Community Association Incorporated is a legal entity overseen by a Board of Directors. The Board follows statute-mandated direction on communication protocols. A member of the Association has every right to have his/her voice heard, recognized by the Board, and available to all other members for comment. However, the Board has a legal, mandated obligation to provide a forum for this interaction, so that ALL MEMBERS have the same access to any point of contention or potential change. The legally recognized forum is a Board meeting. In fact, per statute, the Board is PROHIBITED from meeting outside of regular membership (public) Board meetings to discuss the business of the Association (except in Executive sessions where there are discussions of legal or personnel matters). Online social media is not a legally recognized platform for Board interaction, therefore the Board can not engage members in an official capacity on those forums. This Board is an active, robust Board, dedicated to the service of the community. We hope that all members of the Association are comfortable coming to our meetings to have their voices heard, and we are eager to hear from you.


CBE Board of Directors

Charlie Lane, President
Don Samuelson, Vice-President
Don Hedman, Treasurer
Nathan Chambers, Secretary
Tim Polk, Director

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