Food Truck Update (12/9/18)

Thanks again for the wonderful turnout at Food Truck Thursday December 6.  South Philly Cheesesteaks reported selling  176 Cheesesteaks along with a ton of fries, tots, onion rings and lemonade.  They were quite pleased with the turnout and have asked to come back so you can expect to see them again on December 20.

Many of you were gracious to agree to fill out our Food Truck Survey where we asked for suggestions and feedback.  Here is a compilation of the results regarding your suggestions for food you would like to see:
15 – Sandwiches
12 – BBQ
8 – Salads/Healthy Fare
9 – Other (Tacos/Mexican (7 responses), Greek, Chinese, and Indian)

You have also been asking for a second truck to help shorten the wait time.  We are happy to announce that starting December 13 we will have two trucks – Bowled Life and The Farm House Donuts” which also serves wings and chicken tenders.  Check the current schedule for the upcoming trucks that have committed to participate.

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