Food Truck Thursday Turned Out to be Very Popular

Thanks to all who came out for our Food Truck Thursday last evening. The demand was so high that Parrish Cuban Grill ran out of food early, and we truly regret that some of you were turned away after a long wait. They had prepared for 75 meals last night based on an estimated 50 people that came the night they had generator issues.  They ended up serving 90 from their menu and at the end were selling cheese sandwiches to the last 10 people who said they would take whatever was available.

For future events, we will be alerting Food Truck owners of the need for higher volume and finding out if they accept credit cards. Some of you suggested having a second truck which is a possibility in the future, but we need to gauge continued volume to determine the feasibility. Please hang in there with us as we work out the details, and let us know if you have ideas for other Food Truck vendors!

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