… The County Is Repairing Our Sidewalks!

March 2019 UPDATE: The County has informed us that we are on the schedule with an outside vendor to begin work on May 27.  The repairs should take approximately 4 weeks.

At a recent Board meeting, there was discussion about numerous sidewalks in our community posing a tripping hazard. Though residents are normally responsible for reporting these issues to the County, some members of the Board went through the community recording areas that are uneven and had our manager submit the list. You may have noticed that several areas of the sidewalks have already been marked with an “X” or arrow in white spray paint or orange cones where we anticipate the County to be repairing the sidewalks.

If you have a home with a sidewalk and see that you have an uneven section that has not been marked for repair, you can contact the County through their website (https://www.mymanatee.org/departments/public_works/report_an_issue), or as a convenience to our residents, you may send an email with your address to sidewalks@cbecai.com by December 15, 2018 and we will send in a list.

Much appreciation to our County for paying attention to these issues and reacting so quickly.

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Notice: Trash Cans Required for Garbage on Trash Day

The Board of Directors voted to approve Resolution 02-02-2019 – Trash Restrictions, which requires that garbage be put into containers with a lid when left at the road on trash day. This resolution was adopted in response to the increase in trash bags being ripped open by birds and other critters on trash day and the resulting mess left in the road.

NOTE: The Board is allowing a grace period until April 1, 2019 for those who need to acquire a trash can.

FYI: Manatee County requires that trash cans be no larger than 32 gallons. It is recommended that you separate your trash cans at least three feet from your recycle bin if possible to allow space for the mechanical arm on the recycle trucks.

Click for the full details of the resolution: Resolution 02-02-2019 – Trash Restrictions

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Alligator sightings

We wanted to make you aware that alligators are more active at this time of the year, and a few have been seen in our ponds. Please use caution if you see one and keep pets and children at a safe distance. This is from Commonly Asked Questions on our website:

Q:  There is an alligator in the pond.  What should I do?
A:  Leave it alone.  Alligators are native to Florida and are an important part of the ecosystem.  They keep the rat and snake populations in check. Do not feed, approach or otherwise harass an alligator.

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Holiday Lighting 2018 Winners Announced

A big congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Covered Bridge Lighting Contest announced at the Holiday Party in the Clubhouse. The judges had many exceptional homes from which to choose and the final results were very close.

The first place winner was Cheryl Sciolino at 6341 French Creek Court who won the $100 cash prize.  Cheryl will also have her name and address added to the plaque that will hang on the Clubhouse wall until a new winner is announced next year.

Second place in the contest was Michelle Labadie at 6635 Rock Bridge Lane who earned the second place prize of $50.00.

Third place winner was Nick Formica at 3918 Day Bridge Place who takes the $25.00 cash prize.

Honorary mention goes to William Kennedy at 6007 French Creek Court and Jacqui and Zakary Gibson at 4853 Trout River Crossing.

See all the entries here and visit all the homes in the neighborhood this season.

Here are the 2018 Participant Addresses:
The following addresses represent those residents who are registered for the contest.

Address Photo
3831 Day Bridge Place
3918 Day Bridge Place
5904 French Creek Court
6002 French Creek Court
6007 French Creek Court
6117 French Creek Court
6341 French Creek Court
6349 French Creek Court
4151 Little Gap Loop
4183 Little Gap Loop
5807 New Paris Way
6531 Rock Bridge Lane
6635 Rock Bridge Lane
6206 Rock Creek Circle
6234 Rock Creek Circle
6290 Rock Creek Circle
4309 Trout River Crossing
4626 Trout River Crossing
4853 Trout River Crossing
5911 Willows Bridge Loop

(Hover over the pins to see the address. Zoom in on the map to see house location more precisely.)


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Do You Have Ideas??

Last year, we enjoyed some great, family-friendly events – remember the Holiday Party, Decorating Contest and Concert in the Park?  We could use your ideas at our organizational meeting this Thursday, September 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the clubhouse. Please join us to plan more fun events for our community – all residents welcome!

If you can’t make the meeting but are interested, send thoughts or questions to info@cbecai.com.

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…Birds Love Our Trash!

Yes, the birds have discovered our trash days! They love to tear open trash bags and make a smelly mess of litter around the front of your house. Please make sure you put your trash in a barrel with a lid on the morning of trash day to encourage the pesky critters to feast elsewhere.

More trash and recycling info may be found on the Manatee County website at https://www.mymanatee.org/departments/utilities/trash_and_recycling.

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Manatee County Rules for Picking Up Yard Waste

How should my yard waste be handled so it can be picked up by the County?  The following excerpt from the Manatee County website should provide you with the needed information to ensure that your tree trimmings and other yard waste are picked up each week.

Yard waste is vegetative matter resulting from yard and landscaping maintenance of your own property. This includes materials such as tree branches, leaves, grass clippings or palm fronds. Please prepare yard waste properly to expedite pickup.

All yard waste is picked up on Wednesdays. (Except for holiday makeup schedule).

Many items are diverted from the landfill. We ask that you separate the materials into groups (household / furniture, yard waste, e-scrap / white goods , and tires) as separate trucks collect different materials.



  • You can use sturdy garbage bags.


  • If you do not wish to use garbage cans or garbage bags, you can put yard waste in bundles no longer than four (4) feet in length.
  • Bundles cannot contain branches larger than six (6) inches in diameter. Any branch larger than six (6) inches in diameter should be cut in half length-wise, tied and bundled.
  • Tie bundles with heavy-duty string.


  • Please put yard waste in a 32-gallon garbage cans. Yard waste should not extend above the top of the can.

Bundles, bags or 32-gallon garbage cans should weigh no more than 50 pounds each.
All properly prepared yard waste is picked up on Wednesday. (Except for holiday make-up schedules)


  • You may also take your yard waste to the landfill for a fee.


  • Each residential address may utilize one (1) collection per year for solid waste at no additional cost. You may use this service for the collection of more than two (2) large items, too much yard waste to bundle, e-scrap and white goods at the curb. Additional special pick-ups are available for an additional service fee.
  • To see if you qualify for a free annual please call customer services at 941-792-8811.
  • One per year (Oct. 1st – Sept. 30th) per residential address.
  • There is a 60 cubic yard limit (L 40′ x W 8′ x H 6′)

There is no limit on the amount of yard waste that can be picked up, as long as it is bundled, bagged or canned and placed out properly. The removal of large amounts of loose yard waste is not part of the residential collection service charge, and is considered an “Extraordinary Service.”  If you choose to have the hauler pick up your loose yard waste, please call customer service at 941-792-8811 to arrange a pickup. This Extraordinary Service will be charged on your next utility bill. Residents may also elect to take the debris to the Lena Road Landfill in their own vehicle.

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Ever wonder why the pool is closed?

  • We do our best to keep the pool open for everyone’s enjoyment, but here are a few instances of why the pool might close during normal hours:
    • Thunder is heard.  It reopens 30 minutes after the last thunder rumble is heard.
    • Lightning is present within 5 miles. There are phone apps to detect that.
    • Chemicals or chemical feeders are not operating properly or pumps are not operating properly.
    • Pool has been shocked or when any contaminants are discovered. It reopens when the pool company has disinfected and given us the “all clear.”
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How to Report an Issue in Our Community?

A Note from the Covered Bridge Estates Board of Directors:

We care about the residents in our community and believe our primary purpose as a Board is to assist in the smooth operation of the Community, guiding our Property Manager and ensuring there is a documented process for resolving issues that come up from time to time. To that end we suggest that, when you have an issue you follow these steps for a speedy resolution:

  1. Check our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Covered Bridge Estates (CC&R’s) which can be found on our website (http://www.cbecai.com/community-information/).
  2. Contact our Property Manager in the office (941-479-4903 or email manager@cbecai.com). Even if you think management “should know” about the issue, there is a chance that they do not – so this is the first step. The Property Manager will be able to assess the situation and determine whether it is a property issue or an issue that perhaps requires contact with the Sheriff’s office. The Property Manager will also tell you whether or not you need to fill out a Concern Form.
  3. If a Concern Form is required, there are copies at the clubhouse and also on the website (http://cbecai.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/CB-Concern-Form.pdf). A Concern Form is used to document the issue so that it can be acted upon in a timely manner and is used as a documentation trail for the resident and Property Manager.
  4. If you are still not satisfied that the issue has been resolved, you have the right to bring the issue to the Board during the Resident Comments section of the monthly Board meeting. It is important that you follow steps 1 through 3 prior to coming directly to the Board so that our Property Manager has had an opportunity to assist and has the historical background to help the Board understand the issue.
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Neighborhood Watch – Help Prevent Crime In Our Neighborhood

The Sheriff’s Department has recently informed our communities about an increase in home and car thefts in the area and Covered Bridge Estates is not immune from the effect.

A recent report of burglary in our neighborhood reminds us to be diligent and watchful.  Remember to lock your vehicles and remove any valuables when parking overnight.  Keep your home well-lit to deter criminals from lurking in the shadows.  Watch out for your neighbors and report suspicious activities to the police.  If you know that your neighbor will be away for a period of time, help them out by periodically checking their property for signs of entry.   For more helpful tips, please visit the Manatee County Sheriff’s Website.

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