Change in Financial Institution for HOA Payments

The Management has been informed that CenterState is the new financial institution handling HOA payments.  Unfortunately, we have just recently received information about this change and the result is a delay in getting the new payment coupons out.  The attached letter from CenterState helps explain how your payments should be addressed.

As the letter below states,  you may also make payments online by e-Check or Credit Card by using this link https://coveredbridgeestates.epay-centerstatebank.comA convenience fee applies to credit card transactions if you use this online payment method.  E-checks are free of charge.

Due to factors beyond our control, the coupon books are late this year and all late fees and interest normally assessed in January will be delayed until approximately February 20.We will let you know in advance if that date changes.

NOTE: If you have already sent your HOA dues to our old bank, your payment will still be processed. You will not have to take any further action. Any payments received in our old PO Box through the end of January will be forwarded to our new bank.

If you have further questions, please use the contact information in the letter below.

We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and have already modified the Commonly-Asked Questions page to show the new address for making payments.

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